BenShearGolf Program Offerings

Private Training: These one-on-one sessions are the most client-centric that we offer. The training programs are based off of our thorough initial evaluation. The client has 100% of the Trainers focus and attention on them, their form and technique. If you prefer a truly individualized private experience without wanting to share the trainer’s attention this is for you.  The initial evaluation can either be solely physical in nature, or it can incorporate golf diagnostic technologies as part of the starting point as well.  This holds true for semi-private training programs as well.

Semi-Private Training (Most popular): These more cost-effective sessions often allow clients to afford more sessions per week, which obviously speeds their progress. In these sessions, the exercise programs are still totally individualized (same as private training), because they are based on an initial private physical evaluation.  The only difference from the private session is that the Trainer will be working with multiple clients at one time, ensuring that they all are performing what has been designed for them in the proper way. Many people really enjoy the camaraderie that these sessions also end up providing. (4 people maximum, though a rate for one's own pair training is also possible)

Small Adult Classes: These programs are designed around a specific objective or goal. The sessions are not individualized programs, but rather, they are designed based on many years of experience with the most common needs and goals of the client group being addressed. These classes are a fun, efficient and cost-effective way to work in a group of people with similar goals. They have specific days and times that they are offered, and they usually have a pre-set time frame. (8 people max)

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