When the repetitive stress of golf’s one-sidedness needs addressing, there are several options for restoring balance, renewing energy and reviving both function and performance.

Physical Therapy: The Redcord Suspension system is uniquely effective in pinpointing and treating the deep core stabilizing muscles overused in golf, and it is the centerpiece used by a Dr. of Physical Therapy on site for effective one-on-one sessions.

Massage: 60- or 30-minute sessions.

Electric Muscle Stimulation: 20- or 30-minute sessions, using Compex and/or Marc Pro systems for targeted muscular performance and recovery.

Cold Compression: 15 minutes/affected area, Squid Therapies will reduce swelling with a combination of pulsating compression and ice.

NormaTech: 20- or 30- minute sessions, using Pulse Massage Patters for faster muscular recovery between training and athletic performances. Arm, leg and hip attachments use dynamic compressed air to mimic the flush pump of the body's muscles, mobilizing blood, metabolites and lymphatic drainage for a competitive edge.

Cupping: is updated to restore circulatory healing to overworked muscles.

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