BenShearGolf Online Training:

Finally, Ben Shear, performance coach to PGA Touring Pros, Fitness Advisor to Golf Digest Magazine, and host of SiriusXM PGA Tour's "The Golfer's Edge," is able to design and customize golf-specific workouts for competitive amateur golfers online.  Shear has spoken and written internationally on the various aspects of golf biomechanics, golf fitness and overall golf performance.  He is a proven leader in the field, with clients ranging from the #1-ranked player in the world to winners of golf's most coveted Major Championships.  

Relying on decades of proven results, Shear's workouts:

• correct muscular imbalances that can naturally occur in golf's repetitive one-sidedness (Reduce the risk of injury)

• improve both the necessary stability and mobility on which golf's movements rely (Play pain-free golf)

• maximize strength and power (Increase distance off the tee)

• all while working towards proper swing mechanics (Ultimately lower scores)


Shear's Online Golf Performance Training is now offered in two ways: 

1. BenShearGolf Individualized Performance Training with Targeted Evaluation: $250/month

Players who are unable to see Shear in person (either regularly or at all) get access to the insightful, proprietary evaluation and the effective golf performance training that his Tour Players have enjoyed.  Utilizing the golf-assessment information easily uploaded to him, Shear can customize golf programming in a way that maximizes golfers' objectives of greater consistency, increased distance, injury-prevention, and lower overall scores. 

(The cutting-edge, golf-centric Blast Technology Platform is included at no additional cost.  A $60 savings)

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Workouts are individualized for clients who then can access instructional golf performance training videos. Programming is updated monthly for physical effectiveness, and as golfers now know, it is most often physical issues which underlie technical flaws. After the initial assessment, golfers receive targeted re-evaluations every eight weeks thereafter. Golf performance programs are to be carried out at clients' own training facilities. In addition, clients receive email support and a monthly 15 minutes Skype call.

2. BenShearGolf Semi-Customized Programming: $95/month

Having evaluated thousands of golfers over several decades, Shear knows the most common issues (muscular imbalances, motion limitations, and their precise relationships to swing faults) with today's golfer.  Using this experience, Shear builds a progressive monthly program that builds on the previous month.  While this program does not include an evaluation, it IS specific targeted to age, gender, etc, which maximizes the possible results.

(The cutting-edge, golf-centric Blast Technology Platform is included at no additional cost.  A $60 savings)

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The program design starts with mobility and progresses all the way through strength and, ultimately, power. This invaluable, insightful experience, in concert with his extensive video library, enables Shear to propel golfers who are looking to prepare their bodies for the rigors of the sport and elevate their game by finally making a consistent impact on scores.

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Shear is also specifically known for his blending fitness and science to enhance performance.  To that end, all of his online training utilizes the  Blast Technology platform.  Clients will have access to everything that Blast offers (click here to learn more) at no additional cost.  In addition, with the completely optional purchase of a Blast Connect sensor (click here to purchase), golfers can receive the industry's most accurate motion-capture sensor, integrated with analysis, coaching, communication and management tools on the Blast platform.  

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Blast's exclusive, state-of-the-art technology integrates the physical and technical aspects of the game, including on-course video support, real-time swing and movement analysis, statistics tracking, practice and workout plans all into one centralized location. The proprietary app also allows each player and their coach to share information in one centralized place and allows the golfer to access their golf-specific workout program for training at home, in the gym or even on the course. Again, there is no additional cost for this cutting-edge hub of golf performance.