The most comprehensive and cutting-edge program in the Northeast. Our Juniors are ready to peak as soon as golf season begins, due to an understanding of and a commitment to doing what it takes—diagnostics, fitness, proper practice, soft tissue work—during the off-season.

Each session consists of an hour of customized golf-specific fitness and one hour of golf diagnostics and targeted practice drills.  Choose one to three days of training per week.  Registration is limited.

Off-Season: twelve weeks, starting at the end of September, running through mid/late December

Pre-Season: twelve weeks, starting in early January, running through the end of March.

A critical In-Season Maintenance Program is eight weeks in the Spring and six weeks, starting after the 4th of July.  This one-hour program is focused on fitness only and meets once per week in the Spring and twice per week in the Summer.

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